Potential is there

Yesterday I was speaking with an accountant who came to sort out my taxes for the last couple of years (I’ve been a bit distracted lately with sick kids!). He was looking at the Profit and Loss reports from my writing and was asking me all about what I wanted to do with this little business of mine.

I showed him my books and told him about the workshops I’ve been running, and some of the dreams I have for future workshops. He was impressed with my plans.

Looking at the figures, he could see the potential in what I want to achieve. This was pretty exciting as sometimes these things can be a pipe dream and something vague that may or may not happen. Here was someone I had only just met, who looked at the figures, and told me he could see that it could be done.

Talking to him, I also found myself getting excited talking about all the things I wanted to do.

After this discussion, I feel like I’m on the right track.