Christmas Cards

One thing I used to do was send Christmas cards to supporters. These would include suppliers, customers, and any one else who had offered invaluable support during the year.

I have decided to do the same thing with my author business.

One issue I have come across is that I don’t have mailing addresses for everyone! So many contacts I have email addresses for, or we just connect via Facebook, or we see each other at author events.

For this year, I will send cards to those contacts I have addresses for, and will make an effort before next Christmas to grow this year.

I know some authors who do a promotion to collect addresses of readers to send them a card. This is something to keep in mind for the future. It is something I would like to do, just not for this year.

In the cards, I’m trying to decided whether or not to include a bookmark from one of my books… I would also love to get cards made with a Christmas image of one of the characters in my books, but again this is something for future years.

Thankfully, I have heaps of good quality Christmas cards that I can use, so the only outlay this year is the postage.

One thing I’m adding to my To Do List is a contacts list so I can remember who I sent cards to this year, and who to send them to in the future…

The main aim of this exercise is to remind people that I exist, and keep me in their minds when they are looking for books in the future, as well as letting my supporters know how much I appreciate their support.

I hope the Christmas card recipients will appreciate them, and watch with anticipation for new books coming out next year!