Passive Income Stream

Last weekend it was raining and miserable. I spent some time catching up on my accounts, which were severely out of date.

I was quite surprised to find that I was getting regular payments from Amazon for ebooks that had been sold. Some months it was only a few cents, and others it was a few dollars, but it all added up.

Because it was being deposited regularly, I wasn’t spotting these small amounts, until I went through and reconciled my bank account in my accounts software.

I do minimal promotion on ebooks as most of the people who read my kids books are kids who prefer reading hard copy books, so I spend more time promoting those. Occasionally I put a link on my Facebook page to remind people the ebooks exist, but otherwise I don’t do much with them.

This is telling me it’s worth putting ebooks and reports on Amazon.

When I was running my business, I wrote a number of reports with business tips to help Mums who are running a business. I still have them somewhere. It’s worth spending a bit of time digging these out, rebranding them, and putting them online. They could be a valuable source of income.

First step is to set up my old computer (I still have all the bits, they are just in a cupboard and not connected to anything), and get my old files off it. The reports will need to be updated as many things have changed since I first wrote them. I will also need to decide whether to have them aimed at business mums or change them to suit authors, or both! I suppose re-reading them will help as it’s been quite some time since I read them.

When the text is ready, they will need to be reformatted as I initially did them with a Word document and very basic formatting. This shouldn’t take long and there may be a pre-made template I can use to make them look at bit more recent.

My hope is that over the Christmas break, I can work on these and get some more 99 cent ebooks up on Amazon in 2018.