Researching the competition

Small Blue Christmas gifts on white

Now that we have settled on an idea, while thinking about a name, I’ve been researching the competition.

There are quite a few subscription services out there, including food (we have a Hello Fresh box delivered every week!), beauty products, wine and other alcohol, and all manner of other things. There are also quite a few boxes out there for books and bookish products.

Knowing that there are book subscriptions is good for me, as it means people are familiar with the idea. It also means I need to find something that will set us apart from the others so people will want to subscribe to us.

So far, I’ve found quite a few book services for YA books, as well as ones for picture books. I haven’t found any (yet) for chapter books or middle grade books. I also haven’t found any that offer what I’ve been thinking about (shhh, that bit’s a secret right now).

Looking at the photos of the other services has also given me some great ideas for things we can do in the future, as we are planning to start small and grow.

If you’re interested, check out some of the amazing boxes that are already out there, click here.