Books, books, books

bluebookwithredbookmark-200After looking at all our options, and realising that it would be my passion that keeps things going, we have decided to do something with books.

Many of the ideas I’ve had have something to do with indie authors and those who are published with smaller publishing houses. As a self-published children’s author, it can be hard to get my books in front of new readers, and I know I’m not alone. So I want to do something that can help readers discover some of the amazing books that are out there.

Looking at the different business models, the one we like most is the subscription service. This would give us a regular income, rather than waiting for people to buy books, and we have fun choosing books each month. It is also something that the kids can do as a part time job – packing books each month! As well as helping with things such as a monthly video about the books we are sending out.

The next step is to choose a name, as well as do some research to how we can automate payments each month as this will make our lives easier.