Product or Service?

Products or service?
Products or service?

After talking with the kids, we have decided that a product based business, rather than a service based one, would work better for us.

Given that one of the criteria is that my kids can work in the business with me, a service business would mean that I would be doing most of the work! It would also be harder to juggle a service business with my current job, the kids school, medical appointments, and so on. A product business means we can pack orders in the evenings or on weekends, and the kids can be involved. I’m sure they will become experts at packing orders!

Another advantage of selling products rather than a service is that there are extra channels for sales, such as markets, expos, etc. It’s also easier to use my 14 year old son’s skills with YouTube for promotion as we can show off products in video.

By now, we have narrowed down our ideas to something to do with books, or something to do with cubes… Once we have decided which one we want to do, we can combine that with the business models we have looked at to look at what we want to do. Then we can move on to planning to see whether or not our idea is viable.