Finding a passion

Finding a passion
Finding a passion

I have been reading The Business Bakery by Julia Bickerstaff lately. It’s a great book for starting out as the information is simple and practical.

In this book, she talks about the three ingredients you need to start a business. One of them is to find something you are passionate about.

This got me thinking – what is my passion? There are days when I feel there’s nothing left after I do what I need to do in a day… After a while, I realised there are two main passions in this house – one is books, the other is the Rubik’s Cube!

To be fair, the Rubik’s Cube passion is more that of my 14 year old son, he solves the cube very, very fast! But, as a Mum, my kids passions often run off. One idea I had was an online shop that sells gift items with cubes on them. I could think of a number of different products we could sell, but the catch was I needed my son to be just as passionate about the business as me to sell the products, after all, he was the one with all the contacts! Even though the need to earn money was there, he didn’t care too much about this idea.

The other passion I have is books – both writing and reading! I have also self-published two books, so doing something that helped independent authors was appealing.

I had quite a few ideas, including workshops for authors, some sort of newsletter/magazine to promote authors and books, a bookkeeping service (in my day job I’m a bookkeeper) for authors… but none of these fit the criteria of being able to do it around my job or be able to get the kids involved.

I also had dreams of opening a bookshop for indie authors (start up costs too high), event planner for book launches (taking too much time out of family, plus how do I get the kids involved), and more, but nothing seemed quite right.

Another option is simply writing and publishing more books. While this is appealing, it also takes a lot of work. Right now I have published two books and there are more in the works, however they don’t make a lot of money just yet. They are selling, just not in quantities that will help me meet my goals over the next year.

So, another idea was needed… I went back to basics and started looking at some different business models, and I think I may have come up with something… Come back tomorrow for more about this.