In need of a name

Erica was excited. The card in her hand was the key to her new venture. Her obsession with modern cloth nappies was about to bring in the money, or so she hoped. Sarah, her two year old, couldn't understand what Mummy was on about, but the baby she was carrying seemed to appreciate it, kicking … [Continue reading]

When it’s time to stop…

Donna had had enough. Her heart just wasn't in it any more. Over the last few months she had tried to re-ignite the passion, but it just wasn't there. Her oldest was about to start high school and her youngest was going in to prep, and she was ready for a new challenge. She squinted, … [Continue reading]

Maddie and the Money Box

“Noooooo,” Sally almost leaped across the room to where her nearly four-year-old daughter was playing on the coffee table. … [Continue reading]

Going back to the original idea…

Back to basics

I know I've been coming and going from here a bit, trying different things. Nothing has really taken off, so I'm going back to the original … [Continue reading]

Christmas delivery cut off date


Graham here. My Christmas tip is to have a cut off date for Christmas orders. Everything gets busy before Christmas and the mail can take longer than … [Continue reading]

Decorating my blog


I'm writing this on Melbourne Cup Day ready for this week. The A Man is exhausted from a full day spent with family, leaving me some quiet time to … [Continue reading]

Hosting a Christmas Concert


Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa La La La La, La La La La... It's nearly Christmas, and it means that I will have a break from teaching … [Continue reading]

Charity Christmas Gifts


Tina here, with my first tip on this blog. Very exciting. One thing I do at Christmas is purchase charity Christmas gifts for my suppliers. How this … [Continue reading]